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Fast, Fun, Family

SRRC is a non-profit ski and snowboarding racing club. We offer a variety of programs across the ages develop our young racers. Our team of dedicated coaches is one of the most qualified and certified groups of coaches in the country. Our coaches prepare our athletes to successfully compete at the state, regional, national, and international level. We host state level USSA competition races at our mountain as well as frequent intramural club races. Our coaches and parents create a fun environment for our athletes to grow. SRRC athletes do not fail, they learn!

Who is SRRC?

  • SRRC has a unique character and active membership. There's a real bond in SRRC because of our members shared passion and devotion to alpine competition.

  • SRRC Coaches are some of the most qualified coaches in the country, give us the ability to handle all levels of skiers.

  • SRRC coaches create a fun and challenging training environment enabling our athletes to grow successfully.

  • SRRC athletes compete regularly at the state, regional, and national level.

  • SRRC conducts frequent intramural club competition at our race mountain.

  • SRRC sponsors are an integral part of the team, as we welcome them into the full SRRC family.

  • SRRC is a 501 c3 organization that operates independently from our host mountain Roundtop Mountain Resort.


Grow Your Vision


SRRC is a Bronze Level Club, certified by the USSA. Through this certification program, USSA works closely with our organization to create a platform for success. The podium level certification process involves ensuring our race program has the best principles and practices established for our athletes.

SRRC is certified Bronze team from US Ski
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