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Who is SRRC?

We are a non-profit ski and snowboard race club and open to a wide range of youth, from young school age through college. As a member of the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) and the Pennsylvania Alpine Racing Association (PARA), SRRC offers its members a range of quality  and snowboard experiences and competition opportunities.

USSA has certified SRRC as a Bronze Level Club and USSA works closely with our club to create a platform for success. The podium level certification process ensures our racing program demonstrates the understanding of best principles and has established best practices in support of our athletes’ successes.

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SRRC is a 501 c3 organization and operates independently from Roundtop Mountain Resort, which is our home mountain.


Our Mission: Instill and cultivate SRRC’s core values in all athletes so they may reach their potential in life and contribute positively to our community and society as a whole while becoming lifelong ambassadors to the sports of skiing and snowboarding.

Our Vision: To develop champions on the slopes and in their communities.

​Our Core Values:

  • Honesty is a building block for learning. Be honest with yourself, parents and coaches. Be honest about how you feel, your strengths, and your weaknesses.

  • Commitment is required to grow. Commitment is not only to practice but also to your coaches, and to growing personally and athletically.

  • Work ethic will define you as you grow. An individual athlete’s work ethic will be matched by the coach. The harder you work, the harder the coach will push you to succeed.

  • Pursuit of personal excellence is not shown with just wins. Personal excellence is also shown in leadership, growth, and coachability.

  • Love for skiing! We ski because we love the sport and being outside - ski racing is just a byproduct. Don’t ever forget WHY we ski!

  • Fun is measured by the smile on your face at the bottom of the hill. The more fun you have, the more you will be open to learning!

  • Respect for your fellow athletes, coaches, mountain employees and the mountain.

  • Sportsmanship is not part of sport; sport is part of sportsmanship. An athlete with good sportsmanship will have the traits of being a leader on and off the slope.

  • Humility means being open to our true weaknesses. We are willing to admit them and learn to make them our strengths.

  • Teamwork is required. You can learn from coaches and athletes alike. Healthy competition and learning with your fellow athletes will be more fun and allow growth.

  • Patience is a virtue! You must understand the path to success will take time.



Head Coach: Ben Shirk,

Program Coordinators:

  • COMP Program:  Tracey Beinhaur 
  • TRAVEL Program:  Darryl Uhler
  • DEVO Program:  Lee Gonder


Head Coach: Neil Sunday,