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The parents of our athletes or former athletes are managing SRRC, organizing and executing our club races, all PARA races at Roundtop, and family & fun events.

How our parents support the athletes of SRRC:

  1. Every SRRC family is required to support the PARA races hosted by SRRC at Roundtop. As the host, SRRC is responsible for the seamless execution of these events so that the 140-160 athletes have a successful and fun filled race experience.

  2. Every SRRC family is required to support our club races which we try to execute at least 4-6 times per season. These club races are a major fun-filled event for all of our athletes and are impossible without the help of the parents.

  3. Our parents also frequently support our coaches in on-hill operations to make SRRC a fun experience for our athletes.

  4. Our parents help to organize various family & fun gatherings throughout the year

  5. Some of our parents also decide to become licensed Alpine Officials or coaches at SRRC. For more information please click here.

Please get involved in our Board, our committees, our races, our operations, and our fun events. 

For more information, check the list of volunteer roles that we need to fill. Roles that require specific licenses are marked accordingly.

We will send out a signup sheet at the beginning and during the season to allow you to plan ahead and decide on where and how you volunteer. Please be aware that all our events are weather permitting and we need to sometime adjust at a short notice.  

If you have further questions please reach out to our parent coordinator, ….

Here are some instructional videos if you plan to volunteer as Gate Judge or help to setup B-Nets

  1. Gate Judge training material provided by PARA

  2. B-Net Installation Guidelines